Elyx Construction is the trading name of Elyx Construction Limited which is registered in England & Wales – Company No. 10965713

Here at Elyx Construction,we build houses and workplaces from initial planning to the “ready- for-use”. We also do repairs, modifications and decorations of houses and workplaces.

As a responsible construction company, we pay maximum attention to our customers’ needs and wants. We want to satisfy and delight our customers truly by responding rapidly to changing consumer and market demands. In doing this, we use the latest technologies, comply with national and international standards and collaborate with the experts and the other stakeholder of the construction sector.
Our company encourages participation and teamwork of all its employees for continuous improvement and learning. In this way we enhance value adding activities in our business through improved products and services, increased productivity and effectiveness in the use of all resources.

Acting in line with the principles of sustainable business, our company aims to fulfil its responsibilities towards the natural environment and the society in which it operates. It demonstrates this sensitivity by using products and technologies that have a minimum negative impact on the environment and a maximum positive impact to society.